In order to to utilize Harvest Moon Botanical Services’ products and services, you will need to provide the following:

A PDF or copy of your Industrial Hemp License

GPS Coordinates of your grow

COA (Certificate Of Analysis) of parent material (Seeds, Clones, Mother Plants)

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    Industrial Hemp License (PDF - 3MB or less):

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    Upload COA (PDF - 3MB or less):

    Organic Farm Certifications (list all that apply):

    To ensure the highest quality and safety of your product, please List ANY and ALL soil amendments, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, cleaning products and chemicals that have been applied at your farm or have come in contact with your hemp plants and the frequency of application:

    Have you been impacted by pests, disease, or mold this growing season? If so please describe the issue and how it was ameliorated (please provide a detailed description:

    Our mobile drying units arrive on a 30’ truck and trailer. As many as 4 units may need access to your farm parcel/s. Please describe the access road to your parcel:

    Is there unobstructed, easy access to your farm parcel(s)?

    Please attach the following to your application where applicable/available:

    • Prior use farm description and documentation
    • Soil Sample Test Results
    • State Compliance Test Results
    • Heavy Metals Test Results
    • Herbicide and Pesticide Analysis
    • Pre-harvest COA’s and Cannabanoid profiles
    • Photos of your crop
    • Photos of the access to your farm parcels
    • Proof of Liability Insurance coverage

    Upload additional, combined documentation (PDF - 3MB or less):

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