In-The-Field Consulting

We work with your harvest team to ensure the most efficient process of getting your plants harvested. We will help you to select the best plants for each part of your harvest.

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Selective or whole plant

We have options for selective flowers or whole plant processing

Top flower & biomass

We can help you to harvest both top flower and biomass


On-site assessments of your crop quality

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Limited service window during peak season

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Drying & Curing

Innovative Technology

We utilize a unique technology to dry and cure your crop effectively and efficiently. Our rapid turnaround times take this necessary step from 15 – 25 days down to ONE! There is no need to further cure or equalize the moisture after our drying process. Our service will ensure that you are able to bring your quality plants to market quickly.

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Both top flower & biomass

We dry both top flower and biomass

Perfect results

Our unique technology allows us to dry and cure top flowers quickly, without cooking them


Consistent quality across your entire lot

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Top-shelf Quality

A method that removes excess leaves and stems while maintaining quality. Our trimming service ensures that your flower is “market ready” in turn fetching you the best rates when it comes to the final sale of your product. This can be included with our Service Suite, or accessed as a stand alone service.

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Rapid turn-around times

Top-tier equipment

Utilizing the best trimmers on the market


Final preparations to bring your flower to market

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We can service your trimming needs

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Ready to ship

The final stage of our post-harvest service suite. Expert handling ensures that your product gets the care it deserves. Feel confident in bringing your product that final mile to market.

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Ideal packaging

We use terpene-preserving, smell-proof bags

Cost-effective shipping

We offer convenient shipping sizes


Discreet packaging keeps you secure

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Let us pack up your flowers the right way

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Our harvest services calendar fills up quickly, so make sure to register your crop before it’s too late!

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Harvest Moon offers a free 15-minute consultation to evaluate your harvest needs and determine if we are the right fit for your farm.